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“The perfect setup for anyone wanting to start a business.  Jeff gives you everything you need to pass the health inspectors.  One county health inspector past my unit with flying colors and gave me a permanent permit.  They said this setup was in the top 5 and they have been doing this 20 years.  So don’t try to reinvent the wheel, just follow his instructions and advise and you will have no problems at all.  I added a foam floor in my unit-easy on my legs and back.

Thank You,
The Virginia Smasher
My Sons Kettle Corn

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“I added another piece to the board supporting the bottom of the water heater to bring the top 6” board and the lower mount to the same position. This helps when you mount the water heater. This eliminates the ¾” gap. I hope I am describing this right.  Other than that, I used 3” casters. 2 swivel and 2 fixed.
I also notched the leg for the faucet during the cutting phase, but I knew where the leg would be positioned, and a first time builder may not figure that out, so I would leave that part of the instructions alone.  Other than that, the instructions and videos were very easy to follow, and as I said, my build went off without a hitch!  The sink looks, and works great!! Thanks again!!!!!!” Build Guide.png


“Thanks Jeff,

Looks like I have found a winter project for myself up here in Michigan! Just watched all the videos, and printed off the manual, and I am looking forward to starting this project during the grey days of January up here.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and we can’t wait to start another season with The Main Squeeze!”

Randy Hall
Destiny Catering & Concessions

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“If you are in the concession business or thinking of getting into the business the 1 major item the health department is going to tell you you’re going to need is a 3 bay sink with a hand washing sink with hot & cold water under pressure too. I was very nervous when I heard that because I had seen people pay thousands for these sinks, that was until I found out about and Jeff. I had already purchased the Lemonade start up guide from but still needed a 3 bay sink which I was nervous about & almost let it rethink my investment.

I went ahead and bought the Build it yourself guide from I got it and read the materials list and watched the videos I then got online to the websites Jeff provides to order the few items you cannot find locally. I then made my 1 trip to Walmart & Lowes that’s right I said 1 trip not 3,4,5,or 6 but 1 and had ALL my supplies & to top it off Jeff even supplies ALL the item numbers for the parts you need for your sink.

Once I received my items ordered from online I  cut my PVC board to length just as Jeff provides in the guide & got my computer, workbench, & drill together. That’s all you need a drill or screwdriver to build this awesome sink. I started on video 1 and followed everything that Jeff does step by step it’s like Jeff is working right beside you building your sink the videos are GREAT everything & every step is covered and Jeff even throws some comedy in there too.

I started work on my sink on a Friday morning & before I knew it I had my cart for my sink built by that evening. I continued working Saturday morning and again following every step Jeff does in the videos made ALOT more progress, I continued my sink on Sunday morning & before I knew it on Sunday night I had an INEXPENSIVE FULLY PORTABLE GREAT 3 bay concession sink with a hand washing sink finished and working. The absolute BEST part of this build is that if you do happen to get stuck or don’t understand something not only can you email Jeff & get a super fast reply but you can CALL him personally & he will talk you through whatever part your stuck on right there on the phone & make sure it’s solved and you feel confident continuing before hanging up.

So as I said if your thinking of joining or are already in the concession business you WILL need a sink no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This guide is your secret weapon to build a very AFFORDABLE fully PORTABLE very strong & sturdy sink that is going to last you for years to come in your business. So don’t fall for the others that spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a sink buy this step by step visual guide and get it done yourself and it’s also something you can be very proud of when people say “Hey that’s a really nice sink! Where did you buy it?” You can tell them “I built it!” so I’d like to thank Jeff again for all the help and support during this build of my great sink!”

Thanks Jeff,
Phil’s Concessions in Ohio

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If you are at a festival in the Greensboro, NC area, you might see his sink. Hey, you can do anything to personalize this sink after you get it built. Use it to promote your brand and products.

But most important, show the health department that you are a professional food vendor.