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Food truck set up to sell food.


If you are just getting interested in using a mobile concession trailer in a food vending business, here are some things you need to look for:

  • Plenty of space (8′ x 16′, for example)

  • 2 serving windows, one for order taking, one for serving

  • Large access door. Rear and drop-down is better

  • Personnel access door. Keeps the heat in (or out) and secure.

  • Tongue stand for large propane tanks

  • Enough electrical service for your appliances

  • Possibly a roof-mount air conditioner

  • Good tires

  • Reliable braking system

  • Tongue stand for quiet generator

  • Plenty of counter space

The appliances needed will depend on the type of food you are preparing.

This is very important and mostly overlooked: You need to plan for prepared food storage (coolers or warmers). When you are preparing for a lunch or dinner crowd, you have to make some items in advance and store them at the proper temperature so that you won’t have long line of customers at the rush.

Also very important: A Sink System. If you don’t have room for a kitchen style 3-compartment sink, we have options for you.

So if you’re thinking about starting a food vending business, do lots of research before you buy a mobile concession trailer.

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