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Download Link for Sink Build Guide here.

If you want to build the LARGE sink, use these notes after you learn how to build the STANDARD sink. 

There are 34 videos in this course. Click on each video to view.

Video 1: Material list for building sink cart

Video 2: Assembling top band for cart

Video 3: Drilling faucet holding board

Video 4: Installing faucet holding board

Video 5: Assembling bottom band for cart

Video 6: Installing legs part 1

Video 7: Installing legs part 2

Video 8: Installing top ban to bottom ban 

Video 9: Last cart building video

Video 10: Installing drains

Video 11: Installing P-traps

Video 12: Taping off sinks for silicone

Video 13: Setting sinks after silicone 

Video 14: Installing faucets and getting hot water heater ready

Video 15: Mounting hot water heater

Video 16: Notching out for hand washing faucet

Video 17: Mounting pump

Video 18: Making labels for plumbing 

Video 19: Cutting and labeling pressure side hoses

Video 20: Putting hoses together for pressure side Part 1

Video 21: Putting hoses together for pressure side Part 2

Video 22: Fresh water cap assembly

Video 23: Hooking pressure side hoses to faucets

Video 24: Drain hook-up assembly Part 1

Video 25: Drain hook-up assembly Part 2

Video 26: Drain hook-up assembly Part 3 

Video 27: Drain hook-up assembly Part 4

Video 28: Hot water heater instructions 

Video 29: Turning on and testing sinks

Video 30: Troubleshooting and upgrade ideas

Video 31: 12 volt switch (upgrade option 1)

Video 32: Splashguard assembly (upgrade option 2)

Video 33: Last building video

Video 34: Accessories